Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Faculty Video and Pictures of the UAGC MZeroA "The Drone Experience"

Bravo and Wonderful "The Drone Industry Experience" webinar, Everyone!!!  

To our MZeroA Partners and Drone Webinar Speakers... You are Simply Awesome  Jason Schappert, Magda Riutort, Rodger Ozburn, Brennon Edward, John Wolcott, Matt Lyon, and Probe Thompson.

Thank you for sharing your Drone Aviation content, expertise, and industry excitement!   The content was amazing and an inspiration to our UAGC students!   

Well done, to our UAGC Team - Bob Paxton, Karen Ivy, Michael Hayden, Pete Limon, and Shari Schwartz!!

From our University of Arizona Global Campus - Forbes School of Business & Technology Leadership - We Thank You!