Thursday, December 20, 2018

Professors Bill Davis, Dr. William Woods and Dr. Murad Abel Present Learning Research at ADEIL Conference

A Busy October for These Professors!  
Forbes School of Business & Technology Professors
Presented Active Learning Research at Three Academic Conferences. 
Bill Davis, Dr. William Woods, and Dr Murad Abel presented their ORCS Research Presentations at the 2018 ADEIL Conference held at the University of Wisconsin – Madision, the 2018 QM Connect - Quality Matters Conference held in St. Louis, and presented and recorded their presentation for the 2018 Ashford University TLC.

Title of Presentations:
2018 ADEIL Conference: “Student Perceptions of Active Learning in Online Classrooms”

2018 QM Connect: “Which Active Learning Methods Do Student’s Perceive to Increase Their Active Learning and Satisfaction.”

2018 Ashford University Virtual Teaching and Learning Conference: “Students Perceptions of Active Learning.”


Active learning is the process of doing, observing, and dialogue with oneself and others. These sessions all present and consider active learning methods, strategy, learning styles, and the active learning methods students perceive to increase their learning and satisfaction.

Our Hypothesis / Research Questions: 

H#1: We believe active learning theory offers effective methods to further student learning and educational satisfaction. 

R#2: The Our question we look to answer: Which active learning methods do students perceive to increase their learning and satisfaction? 

Purpose of Research: To determine student perceptions of active learning methods in the online modality, and to assess which active learning methods are preferred by students. We look to add to the wealth of knowledge concerning active learning with attention given to the online modality.

Presentation Example: Link to Research:
2018 QM Connect

Author Bio: All Professors are in the Forbes School of Business & Technology

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The “We” Concept for Organizational Growth & Generational Impact

Folashade Oyeyemi AKINYEMI (PhD)
Title: The “We” Concept for Organizational Growth & Generational Impact

Abstract or Description: Man’s continuous quest for fulfillment and greatness is innate and part of who we are. We set goals and aim high but often ignore some vital components that make the achievements worthwhile. And more often, we get submerged in our individual aspirations and live like nothing else matters but eventually, only a few really get fulfilled and safely reach the shore.

If only we could be more conscious of the fact that we are not self-sufficient, acknowledge benefits of working together, and imbibe the team spirit, then we would have more outstanding success stories and be fulfilled.

We need to constantly remind ourselves of the fact that nobody ever makes it alone. We need each other. We're all part of the global network, and connected in one way or another. And, we would achieve greater things together that we could never achieve apart.

Short Biography: Akinyemi Folashade Oyeyemi is a Researcher and Lecturer at the Institute For Entrepreneurship & Development Studies (IFEDS), Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. She has a Ph. D in Business Administration with specialty in Entrepreneurship & Sustainability from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.