Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Using Social Media to be a More Effective Leader in the 21st-Century Classroom

Dr. Michelle Post
Subject: There lies an intersection or a “sweet spot” between social media, an effective leader, and the 21st-century classroom. Each sphere separately does not lack for research in the body of knowledge; however, when combined to create the “sweet spot” the knowledge is limited. Social media is no longer a nice to have; instead, it is a must use or lose out. For a leader to be effective, he or she must embrace the use of social media, and this includes the classroom. The world’s population has become digital citizens, and 54% of that population are social media users. This workshop proposal offers a glimpse into each sphere before postulating the importance of using social media to become a more effective leader in the 21st-century classroom.  

Dr. Michelle Post Bio: Dr. Post has taken her 30+ years of business design, system engineering, and information architecture and combined it into her role as a Certified Social Media Strategist and a Social Media Systems Engineer™. As part of Dr. Post’s life mission, she knows every person is uniquely gifted and she hopes to help them use those gifts to make a lasting impact on our world. Dr. Post is passionate about helping businesses to start where they are, with what they have, and do what they can. Each request for social media help leads Dr. Post on a journey to find what a business already has in place, analyze how they are using it, learn where they want to go, and then provide simple strategies and solutions for their long-term business and social media success.  

Dr. Post offers teaching, training, coaching, consulting, and speaking on subjects as diverse as social media, leadership, generations in the workplace, and technology in education. Dr. Post is Founder/CEO of The Post Institute: Center for Life-Long Learning. She is an award-winning Teacher, Leader, Speaker, and a Fellow of the Beta Phi Scholarly Society at Exeter College, University of Oxford, England. Dr. Post has been a 3-time guest on The Networking Diva Hour and has appeared on Colorado’s Best Morning Show. 

 Dr. Post LinkedIn Page: http://linkedin.com/in/michellepostphd