Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tourism and Festival Cultural Anthropology Research

August 10-25, 2018, Dr. Janni Pedersen, chair of the cultural anthropology program, will return to Panama to continue the collaborative research project on tourism and festivals. This year, she will be joined by Ms. Sashur Henninger, associate faculty member, and they will be working with Marino Jaén Espinosa of Dr. Kathryn Sorensen and Ms. Michelle Loose, faculty members in the College of Liberal Arts, are co-investigators. Their focus this year is the Manito festival in Ocú, a celebration of the agricultural heritage and peasant traditions of the central provinces in Panama. Among the things the festival will feature are musical performances, a mock traditional peasant wedding, and reenactment of a sword duel.
Dr. Pedersen will be blogging from the field again. You can follow the trip and the research project at:  
The research project is sponsored by Ashford University’s University Fellows Program. Drs. Pedersen and Sorensen have presented results from their previous years in Panama at academic conferences, and this field trip will add depth and breadth to their data and conclusions.
For additional information about the Faculty Fellows Program visit:
Michelle Loose, Marino Jaén Espinosa, and Dr. Janni Pedersen in Santo Domingo, Panama