Friday, January 5, 2024

Empowering Faculty Champions: Cultivating and Refining Durable Skills in Higher Education.

In April of 2023, Bill Davis completed Jon Gordon’s Leadership Training and completed Jon Gordon’s Leadership Trainer Certification Program, The Power of Positive Leadership. Throughout Bill’s progressive career, he has valued achieving high-value credentials throughout his career. While working in the PepsiCo system, he completed his undergraduate degree and master’s degree. Bill credits his degree programs, experiential learning, and his high value credentials with his success in the highly competitive soft drink industry, and with his success in higher education.

His business degrees, high value-added credentials, fine-tuned his knowledge and durable skills (leadership, human relations, teamwork, communication, and operations management). Bill continues to learn on and through the job (career and industry experience). Bill believes that we need to embrace lifelong learning to optimize our performance and leadership effectiveness. He believes that we need experience, knowledge, and capacity. High value credentials and degrees, along with on and through the job experience, all combined and provided Bill with the technical, conceptual, and human relations skills and the knowledge he needed to advance his organization, teams, and career forward.