Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Male Allyship Influence on Gender Equality? - A Discussion Between the Center for Women's Leadership and Harvard Business Authors

 Re: Center for Women's Leadership Hosts Discussion with Harvard Business Publishing Authors on the Importance of Male Allyship for Gender Equality 

On November 16, 2021, the Center for Women’s Leadership (CWL) hosted guest speakers, Dr. David Smith and Dr. Brad Johnson, the authors of Harvard Business Publishing books Athena Rising and Good Guys. They focused on the importance of male engagement in gender equality initiatives, exploring why men are often absent from gender equity work, and why genuine equity in the workplace is good for both men and women. They said that men may incorrectly believe that they have no role to play in addressing issues and leveling the leadership playing field.   

Dr. Smith and Dr. Johnson's research debunked this thinking pattern, discussing the many roles men play in bringing about gender equality including leveraging mentorship, sponsorship, and workforce partnerships. They offered a new perspective on recognizing preconceived notions about gender behavior and expectations, promoting meaningful dialogue on gender equality in the workplace, and creating a positive corporate culture that offers all employees a viable path towards leadership and success. Gender partnership is a powerful tool in propelling next generation leadership that is diverse, inclusive, and reflective of our global society.  

Professor Bios:

Professor Brandy Havens
LinkedIn Profile

Brandy Havens is a CPA, Core Faculty in accounting at the Forbes School of Business & Technology at University of Arizona Global Campus, and a board member at the Center for Women’s Leadership.

Professor Dr. Jennie Walker
LinkedIn Profile

Dr. Jennie Walker is a SHRM-CP, Lead Faculty in Leadership at the Forbes School of Business & Technology at University of Arizona Global Campus, and Chair of the Center for Women’s Leadership. 

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