Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Dr. Brant Pearson Discusses 'A Virtual Environment. A Generational Preference'

One decision, good or bad, can change the entire trajectory of an individual's life. The path we intend to head down and the decisions we make along the way ultimately defines us personally and professionally. When we are young, we are told, "you can be anything you want." In theory, it is a good-natured statement but poses some significant barriers and untold truths. Case in point, being six feet tall with an average build and not genetically athletic, I was never going to play basketball in the NBA. So, as we grow older, we realize that decisions need to be made that will direct or redirect our life's path. Our upbringings, ethical and moral stance, and overall perception of life plays a significant part in how we view the world around us (our lens). It is fascinating, at least to me, to learn how people got where they are in life and the decisions that lead to it.

We often get caught up in the daily minutiae of life and forget that the world around us does not stop moving. Regardless of what is happens in our personal lives, businesses, cultures, and technology are continually evolving. Comparing our current life to what it once was could positively or negatively impact our future decisions. Likewise, comparing the world to what it once was can have a similar impact on our decisions, especially in today's era.

In a current and ongoing research study, “A Virtual Environment. A Generational Preference,” I look to unearth the desire to work and/or learn in a virtual setting. In the technologically driven era we live in today, the need for a virtual setting in both educational and corporate institutions has skyrocketed. So, the question is not whether it is needed, but instead an understanding if individuals would rather learn and/or work in a remote environment. The research survey being conducted seeks to understand if a correlation exists between the desire to learn and/or work remotely based on an individual's generational age.

Participants in the current study include current or former college students from different generations in various fields. The single questionnaire is optional, voluntary, and anonymous. If you would be willing to make a short announcement in your current class(es) asking for student participation in the present study, please contact me for further information. Furthermore, if you would like to discuss possible research initiatives, speaking engagements, publications, general comments, or ideas of interest, please contact me anytime at bpearson@brantpearson.com

Research Interest: Organizational Leadership, Consumer Behaviors, Personal Motivators, Business Operations, Positive Psychology, Perceptions, and The Why (why we do or believe what we do)

Current Research: A Virtual Environment. A Generational Preference

Past Research: The Risks and Paradigm Shifts Associated with an Employees Right to Self Identify on Social Media



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