Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Ashford Faculty Win Creative Scholarship Sabbaticals

A special thank you and congratulations to Ashford faculty Sabbatical Winners. We received many high quality submissions this year, but unfortunately we could only select a few. Each of the winning faculty members were selected by college so we can support each area of study. The sabbatical offers a break from teaching courses to better focus on important professor scholarship and research.

Please welcome…..

College of Health, Human Services, & Science                                                 

  • Dr. Clair DeCristofaro – Cholesterol Management.
  • Dr. Sandra Rebeor – A Community Workshop for Caregivers affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

 College of Liberal Arts

  • Dr. Mathew Laubacher – “The Right Kind of Stuff:” Collectors and Collection in United States during the Golden Age of Natural History.

 College of Education

  • Dr. Kathleen Pierce-Friedman – A Study of Teaching in Isolation and the Effects on Self-Efficacy for Instructors in the Online School Setting.
  • Dr. Maureen Lienau – Continuing research on resources and services for AU students facing housing, food, and other insecurities. 

 Division of General Education

  • Dr. Chris Lorkowski – Two chapters for a mid-level philosophy of religion text entitled Atheism Considered.
  • Dr. Cheri Ketchum – The impact of video-based feedback on student satisfaction and performance and faculty workload and gratification. 

Forbes School of Business & Technology™

  • Dr. Murad Abel –Market Alignment of Student Skills.


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