Monday, July 9, 2018

Lanthanum and the Rare Earth Metals; the Changing Face of Medicine and Pollution

Dr. Wayne Briner
Abstract:  In a recent study Dr. Briner has shown that the rare-earth metal Lanthanum does not produce toxic effects strictly by way of calcium channels, as has been long believed. Why should we care? And what is Lanthanum anyway?  In this presentation Dr. Briner will explain how the face of pollution is changing, how the substances we use in medicine are changing.  These changes are also challenging how the fields of pharmacology and toxicology evaluate the effects of drugs and toxins. 

Bio: Wayne Briner received PhD in 1987 in physiological psychology followed by a postdoc at Tulane and LSU schools of Medicine.  Afterwards employed by a private research group, the University of Nebraska and now AU for a career in higher ed and the sciences spanning over 30 years. Has published over 50 peer reviewed articles in nationally and internationally ranked journals. Has consulted for the VA and the NSF.  Is a regular editor for the journal Toxics and occasionally for the journal Toxins.  Regularly reviews for the journals Food and Chemical Toxicology, Toxicology letters and Neurotoxicology.  Is a full member of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine and the Society of Toxicology.


Email: For questions or research interest you may contact Dr. Wayne Briner at


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