Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Dynamic Nature of Emotional Intelligence: A Case Study of Middle-Level Managers

Abstract:  This study investigated how emotional intelligence was learned and applied among middle-level managers through the implementation, documentation and integration of an emotional intelligence training intervention for middle-level managers. The study further investigated how middle-level managers integrated what they learned in the workshop through the use of their strategic action plan. The study also explored how middle-level managers described emotional intelligence before and after the emotional intelligence workshop. The researcher explored middle-level manager’s actions through the use of the mindfulness theory, conducted face-to-face interviews, and analyzed archival documents, observation notes, and perceptions of emotional intelligence.

This study’s findings revealed that middle-level managers integrated what they learned in the emotional intelligence workshop in different ways. Middle-level managers perceived emotional intelligence differently after they completed the emotional intelligence workshop. Two themes in particular were critical to understanding how middle-level managers implemented emotional intelligence: the need for time to implement what was learned and the use of a strategic action plan to learn how they implemented what was learned. Middle-level managers described how important time was to implement what they learned during the workshops. Additionally, their use of a strategic action plan helped to reinforce what was learned in the workshop. Finally, middle-level managers described how emotional intelligence was integrated in their personal lives.

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Reference: Davis, A. (2016). The Dynamic Nature of Emotional Intelligence: A Case Study of Middle-Level Managers (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from MARPS, Practicums, and Applied Dissertations.
Author Bio: Dr. Adrianna Davis has over 8 years of Leadership Development Consultant experience and serving in progressive levels of leadership at various education institutions. She has had the great privilege to consult with Adventist Health Systems to develop leadership and innovation courses for two Master degree programs. Recently, she was invited to lead a round table discussion on curriculum development and design thinking at the All Means All conference. She was once a panelist for the first intercultural dialogue between Nova Southeastern University and Lebanese American University. There she led several discussions on cultural diversity and cultural awareness. Her tenure as a Leadership Development Consultant, afforded her an opportunity to lead and train adult learners in various roles to include new Senior Management & Executive leaders.

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