Thursday, November 10, 2016

Best Practices for Including Emotional Intelligence in Real Estate Professionals

Dr. Andree Swanson
 Title: Best practices for including emotional intelligence in real estate professionals

 Abstract: Having competency in emotional intelligence has proven to be an effective skill leading to an individual’s overall success in the workplace. When working with real estate clients, awareness and proper application of emotional intelligence could benefit the realtor by meeting the needs of their clients. An online survey instrument was distributed through social media (Linkedin and Facebook). The survey addressed 17 questions ranging from the acknowledgement of the rules of engagement to denoting an agent’s gender. Eighteen real estate professionals participated in the study. Survey results supported the conclusion that an awareness of emotional intelligence among licensed real estate professionals exists, and realtors could be trained on the topic of emotional intelligence. By noting the benefits of being aware of emotional intelligence and providing the appropriate application training, increased financial returns for the agent and greater customer satisfaction may be achieved.

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Reference: Swanson, A., Hamilton, D., & Zobisch, P. (2015). Best practices for including emotional intelligence in real estate professionals. Global Journal of Business Research (GJBR), 9(4), pp. 91-97. ISSN: 2157-0191.

Author Bio: Andree Swanson is an associate professor and chair of the Bachelors of Art in Business Leadership program in the Forbes School of Business & Technology™ at Ashford University. Her research interests are emotional intelligence, generational leadership, and distance education engagement. Contact her at

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